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Modern Steps School of Dance

Bringing Ballroom Dance to Your Life!

Dancer Services

Group Dance Classes
Group dance classes are offered each week at our studio in Naples, Fl.  Dance classes vary from month to month, focusing on one or two dances from the ballroom curriculum.  Our staff pace each dance class for different skill levels, so you can attend any class, regardless of your ability.  For specific times please check our calendar.


Private Dance Instruction

To customize your dance instruction to your specific goals, we strongly recommend private instruction.  We offer 1 hour (50 minutes of dance instruction) sessions with dance instructors who will work on your goals, and the dances you are interested in learning. Hourly rates and packages available. 

Please contact the Naples, Fl dance studio at 239-775-3445 for more information.    

Dance Activities

Whether you're looking for a dance party to meet with your friends, or if you're looking for a dance competition to show off your skill, we have information available to meet your needs.  Check out our calendar for dance parties, competitions, showcase and spotlight performances and group classes.  We want to bring dance to your life!